A private-sector led approach to formalizing land rights of the world’s poor.

Over one billion of the world’s poor lack the simple security of legally recognized land rights. The inability of the poor to gain formalized land rights remains a formidable barrier to economic progress and has paralyzed an estimated 9.3 trillion dollars of untapped capital globally.

MEDEEM provides an innovative and affordable, private-sector driven solution to formalizing land rights for the world’s poor. MEDEEM’s mission is to bridge the legal empowerment gap between informal land holding and formal land registration.

Overburdened and inefficient government land registries, coupled with the high cost of associated fees and surveys, makes the formal land titling process unaffordable and inaccessible to those at the base of the economic pyramid.

MEDEEM addresses these long standing roadblocks to registration by bringing the process directly to its clients at a cost they can afford.

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Medeem’s partnered approach combines proven capabilities and resources to support efficiency and scalability.

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Medeem:Lifting Local Economies
Medeem:Lifting Local Economies

Where Humans and Wildlife Intersect
Where Humans and Wildlife Intersect