MEDEEM: A Practical Solution to a Complex Problem

Medeem’s approach is driven by process innovation and the efficiencies achieved by locally managed operations. Medeem’s process parallels the formal land recordation and registration process but does not replace it. Each step in Medeem’s approach is designed for maximum efficiency in terms of cost and time spent. These savings are then passed down to the client enabling Medeem to offer an affordable alternative to the high cost and time-consuming government land registration process that has presented road blocks to clients for years. Medeem’s approach provides a practical and highly efficient private-sector solution to documenting land rights that is driven by locally managed operations at a fraction of the cost to the client.

To further efficiency, Medeem distributes their products through trusted business partners and NGO’s that are well established, responsible and respected locally. By utilizing an existing network of local service providers Medeem is building human capital in-country while substantially reducing costs. The ultimate benefit to the client is that the product is affordable and accessible because the process is brought to their doorstep through someone with whom they have already established a trusted relationship.

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