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Working with Clinton Global Initiative

A first commitment to the Clinton Global Initiative offered by Craig DeRoy was to build an efficient land registration system template for the developing world. In 2009, President Clinton (photo) congratulates Craig and MEDEEM on the offering of a new commitment, designed to document property rights of the poor and facilitate their access to government land record platforms.

Program History

Impetus for MEDEEM comes from the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI), started by former U.S. president Bill Clinton. In 2007, CGI challenged the world’s leaders in business, non-governmental organizations and science to come together to make significant commitments that address and act upon solutions to the world’s greatest challenges in the areas of global health, poverty, climate change and education. Craig DeRoy, as (then) president of the First American Corporation (NYSE: FAF), and with extensive background in property rights and land record information systems accepted President Clinton’s challenge. Mr. DeRoy saw the CGI challenge as an opportunity to help alleviate poverty in the developing world and made the following commitments to CGI:

  1. To promote legal and economic empowerment of the poor.
  2. To provide a means for equitable and affordable access to land tenure security.
  3. To create of a cost-effective and sustainable in-country solution to the formalization of land rights.

Mr. DeRoy took early retirement as president of The First American Corporation and founded MEDEEM to fully focus his efforts toward these commitments.