Lifting Local Economies, One Parcel at a Time.

In the communities MEDEEM Zambia serves, most land is held within the customary system where traditional authorities hold the land in trust for their people. An individuals rights to use, occupy or own the land is typically granted by Chiefs or Headmen through oral agreements. 

MEDEEM’s ParcelCert process helps individuals formally document these rights so they are able to better protect their investment in the land and utilize it as a productive asset. MEDEEM is currently working with a number of major chieftaincies representing hundreds of thousands of constituents in more than 8 Districts across Zambia.

“We now know how much fertilizer we need, based on the size of our land”

“I now know my clients location, size of land etc. to make better lending decisions”

“ I now feel safe to invest in my land and build a cement house thanks to MEDEEM"

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