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Bringing home ownership and land tenure security together

Habitat for Humanity Zambia helps communities in Zambia through projects where they make housing and its financing available to disadvantaged and vulnerable individuals and families. Medeem Zambia has teamed with Habitat in an innovative pilot project to bring both security of tenure and home ownership together in one package for this underserved segment of the market. Starting in the community of Tiyende Pamodzi, the two organizations successfully worked together to provide the land tenure and parcel survey documentation necessary for individual homeowners to receive their long term leasehold certificates upon the completion of their mortgage payments.

According to Loren DeRoy, Executive Vice President of Medeem, “this is a natural marriage of two companies who have common objectives including helping the poor move out of poverty and attain long term economic security and other benefits of home ownership. We are delighted to be partnering with Habitat for Humanity Zambia going forward for many of their current and future community building projects.”

Medeem Zambia is already working on its next Habitat project in the eastern portion of Zambia.

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