Record Keeping with ParcelEye

Properly documenting the land rights of the most vulnerable and hardest to reach populations presents many challenges. To operate in these remote and disconnected environments, MEDEEM has developed a uniquely efficient work flow and proprietary IOS mobile data collection system called ParcelEye.® ParcelEye is capable of collecting pertinent land tenure information from its clients as well as testimony from neighbors who share a boundary with the client’s land.

ParcelEye captures and digitally stores data and photographs of each client along with their government identification cards, signatures, fingerprints as well as capturing digital images of any other relevant evidentiary documentation they may have. ParcelEye data is collected in a disconnected environment and later synced to a cloud-based data center to insure the client’s property and survey data is maintained securely and protected against loss.

The ParcelEye database is backed-up regularly and secured by IOS level security, password protection, intrusion prevention and encrypted to meet the highest standards for database security. ParcelEye data and records can be easily sorted and searched in list, map, PDF or excel view. Data feeds include: Excel, XML, JSON, ATOM, RSS, PDF, MS-ACESS and SQL Server

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