Delivering comprehensive land tenure documentation

Over one billion of the world’s poor lack the simple security of legally recognized land rights. The inability to gain formalized land rights remains a formidable barrier to economic progress worldwide. MEDEEM’s mission is to provide equitable access to land tenure security and targets its services to those at the base of the economic pyramid, focusing on women, smallholder farmers and other vulnerable groups. MEDEEM recognizes the dignity, economic empowerment and peace of mind that comes with land tenure security.

When people don’t know their rights they are more vulnerable to losing their land. This is especially true for women and those who hold informal rights to land particularly where illegal land grabs have become common. integral to MEDEEM’s ParcelCert process is their customized Land Rights Awareness Program, designed to equip people with knowledge of their communal and constitutional rights as they relate to land. Our ParcelCert officers are fluent in local dialects and are able to encourage participation and dialog at the village level.

We stress the importance of documenting land rights and how to recognize and avoid predatory practices. MEDEEM’s Land Rights Awareness program is introduced at the village or community level through group meetings to invite local participation and engagement. The Land Rights Awareness Program is followed by one-on-one interviews with each client during the Parcel Certification process where clients are given further opportunity to ask questions in a private setting.

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