MEDEEM provides a sustainable, locally managed solution to land rights documentation in Africa. Unlike typical “top-down” land programs that have often failed to effectively serve the needs of those most vulnerable, MEDEEM utilizes a unique, private-sector led approach to deliver results from the bottom-up, one parcel at a time.

MEDEEM prides itself in offering the highest quality, professional land survey and tenure documentation services at the lowest cost available. Our vision is to see the lives of our clients transformed and their communities strengthened through the economic empowerment, dignity and peace of mind that comes with land tenure security.


Increased Access to Finance

A landholder or smallholder farmer is more “bankable” once their land is secured. MEDEEM’s land rights documentation process, called ParcelCert®, enables lenders to more accurately assess the risk associated with our client’s loan profile from the precise location, size of land, and loan profile that is linked to their parcel.

Improved Agriculture Production

MEDEEM’s ParcelCert® provides farmers with accurate measurement of their tillable land, enabling them to determine proper quantities of seed and fertilizer or optimal crop production and investment.


Gender Empowerment

MEDEEM seeks to close the gender gap in land ownership and tenure security. Our unique approach is designed to be accessible and affordable to women of all income levels. We bring the land rights documentation process directly to their door step and utilize female Land Officers who are fluent in local dialects and local customs.

10 Reasons to Invest
in Securing Land Rights for the Poor

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