Medeem provides a high-tech, demand-driven solution to Land Rights in Africa. Medeem has developed the worlds first private sector approach to what has historically been a donor lead sector.

Over one billion of the world’s poor lack the simple security of legally recognized land rights. The inability of the poor to gain formalized land rights remains a formidable barrier to economic progress and has paralyzed an estimated 9.3 trillion dollars of untapped capital globally.

Secure Land rights provide a solid foundation upon which to create and transfer wealth from one generation to the next, breaking the cycle of poverty for small holder farmers. Land Rights helps unlock access to finance and provides the foundation to bridge the gender gap in land ownership.

Our Impact

Access to Finance

A smallholder farmer is more “bankable” once their land is secured. Medeem enables lenders to accurately assess the risk associated with the farmer’s loan profile from the location, size of land, and loan profile that is linked to the parcel.


Medeem helps to establish accurate boundaries, location, and size of parcels (as well as arable land), allowing clients to more accurately assess the quantity of inputs required to maximize yield.

Gender Empowerment

MEDEEM is looking to close the Gender Gap in Land Ownership. Our unique approach is designed to be accessible to women by bringing the land rights documentation process directly to their door step and by utilizing female Land officers who are fluent in local dialects and local customs

10 Reasons to Invest
in Securing Land Rights for the Poor

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