The ParcelCert Process®

ParcelCert® is a first to market, private sector approach to Land Tenure Documentation. ParcelCert® includes a survey grade accurate Map and Evidentiary support of client’s claim of property rights or land ownership. Used primarily in Rural and Customary areas

ParcelCert Provides Cost Efficient Parcel Surveys

ParcelCert leverages process efficiencies with GIS technology and mobile GPS equipment to achieve a drastic reduction in the cost of parcel surveys and documentation.

ParcelCert Provides Access and Affordability

We go to our clients: ParcelCert simplifies the documentation process by bringing it directly to the client’s door step at a price they can afford. Clients who cannot pay for ParcelCert outright may be offered the option of a small microloan or subsidy from a partnered organization/NGO to help finance the cost.

ParcelCert Land Rights Awareness Program

The ParcelCert Land Rights Awareness Program is introduced at the local village level through educational group meetings that invite local participation and engagement. The program is offered free of charge and designed to equip clients with knowledge of their rights and responsibilities with regard to land assets, the importance of documenting their land rights and ways to recognize and avoid predatory practices.

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