Informal Settlements

MEDEEM Provides an innovative solution to securing land rights in Informal Settlements. MEDEEM is currently providing solutions to Councils and local government in Zambia.

MEDEEM’s Solution

MEDEEM’s core business involves gathering land-tenure related information that ties into the GPS mapping of parcels. The current technology works both offline and online, enabling the synchronization of gathered data directly to the Planning and Housing/settlement departments within councils.

Current technology has been developed to automate the most difficult part that councils face with generating mass documentation:

  1. Map Automation: producing individual layouts for each parcel straight from a database. This application was built for planning departments
  2. Legal Document Automation: generating the occupancy legal document from a database. This application was built for legal departments.

These two system components can enable a small well-trained workforce within each council to generate thousands of occupancy licenses per week.


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