10 Reasons to Invest in Securing Land Rights for the Poor:

  1. Secure land rights positively impact local economies by promoting investment and economic growth.
  2. Secure land rights promote food security and increase food production.
  3. Formalizing property rights of the poor creates access to capital and the ability to build wealth.
  4. Formalizing land rights empowers communities to demand basic services from their government.
  5. Secure land rights are central to human dignity and promote social and political stability.
  6. Formalizing land rights of the poor improves global environmental stewardship.
  7. Formal land registration encourages governments to improve infrastructure by aiding tax collection.
  8. Secure land rights for women improves their access to credit , political inclusion and empowerment.
  9. Developing a legal framework for land tenure resolves local disputes and reduces conflict.
  10. Formalizing land rights for those at the bottom of the economic pyramid is the key to alleviating poverty in the developing world and essential for a peaceful and sustainable future.

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